Field Day 2017

Field Day 2017 logoRATS is hosting a Field Day event at the Laurel Park Recreation Area.  The Dominion DX Group (DDXG) and Richmond Amateur Radio Club will be participating as well.

Some important Field Day information:

  • Field Day is a 24 hour operating event and is held on Saturday June 24 through Sunday June 25 2017.
  • Setup for our event starts around 11 AM with operation beginning at 2 AM and running continuously until around noon on Sunday.  If you’re a night owl, come on out – we’ll have people there all night long.
  • The location is 10301 Hungary Spring Road.
  • We will have VE testing Saturday afternoon starting around 2 PM.
  • We will be operating under the W4RAT callsign and will have four HF stations available for operation.
  • Help is always appreciated, especially for set up on Saturday morning and take down on Sunday around noon.

If you’ve never operated HF, or haven’t operated in a long time, come on out and we’ll get you on the air.  You do not need a license to operate at Field Day – we’ll have people available to operate with you.