Field Day

Here’s a map, but if you have trouble with it, search your favorite mapping program for “Laurel Skate Park, 10301 Hungary Spring Rd, Richmond, VA 23228”.

Field Day Photo Gallery

Field Day is an annual event designed to test amateur radio operators’ abilities to work in “remote” or “non-traditional” locations, such as might be required in providing emergency communications during a natural disaster or other catastrophic event. The pictures below show RATS members operating from Laurel Creek Recreation Area in Henrico County, Virginia*, during Field Day 200620052004 and 2003.

Field Day 2006:
The RESULTS are in and RATS can be PROUD!

By: Robert Orndorff, W4BNO

RATS Field Day 2006 was held once again at the Laurel Park recreation area in Henrico county. This year we had our highest score ever and that is due to the many people that helped in organizing the event. I can’t say enough about all the people that participated in the planning and the event itself. This was a great club event.

We had two HF stations, one GOTA station and a VHF station. Two HF stations has always seemed to be the appropriate number based on the number of people we have participate.

We had the biggest array of antennas in many years (maybe the biggest ever). We had two 160 meter horizontal loops, four 40 meter loops, one 20 meter loop and a 80 meter Carolina Windom. Each HF station had two 40 M loops (one N-S and one E-W) and a 160 M loop. The GOTA station had the 80 M Windom and a 20 M loop.

We also used the club’s laptops along with some club member’s laptops and did all of our logging using N3FJP Field Day logging software. We had the computers all networked so any station can see what the other is doing and dupes are tagged immediately. The program also makes the job of tallying the score much easier.

Here’s a breakdown of how we did:

722 CW QSOs
1536 Phone QSOs (348 of these were on the GOTA station)
1050 Bonus points
7010 Total points!

And here are the results, as reported in QST Magazine:

RATS competed as a Class 2A Station…
We were number 2 out of 11 2A stations in the state of Virginia (Top 18.18%, last yeasr we were #3 out of 9, top 33%)
We were number 33 out of 455 2A stations competing (Top 7.25%, last year 99th out of 451 – top 22%)
We were number 9 out of 62 entries from Virginia (Top 14.5%, last year 13th out of 58 – top 23%)
We were number 123 out of 2184 entries overall!!! (Top 5.6%, last year 329th out of 2202 – top 15%)

That’s quite an improvement over last year’s score of 4162 and our best score ever. Now you see how we stacked up against the other entrants this year.


3rd in the state in the 2A category!!!

It was a fine weekend, with many members and guests attending the event. Everyone who wanted to had ample time in front of the transceivers and the statistics show how hard everyone worked to get such a great score!

Here are the stats for the weekend, from the logs, compiled and submitted by Robert Orndorff, the 2005 Field Day Chairman. Robert also provided the pictures.

306 CW QSOs
1034 phone QSOs
283 QSOs on the GOTA station
34 QSOs on 2 meter SSB
Total score: 4162

3rd in the state in the 2A category – out of 9 (top 33%)
13th in the state overall – out of 58 (top 23%)
99th overall in the 2A category – out of 451 (top 22%)
329th overall – out of 2202 (top 15%)



Held at Laurel Park Recreation Area in Henrico County, VA


Held at Laurel Park Recreation Area in Henrico County, VA