Field Day 2014

“WOW! What an awesome Field Day 2014! It was so great to see the four major Amateur Radio organizations in Central VIrginia come together to operate ham radio for 24 hours! We had experienced hams, nearly new hams, and minted a bunch more brand new hams at this event. There were husbands and wives, kids and grandkids, boyfriends, girlfriends, elmers and CW operators, VE testers, and fishing line experts. At one point, there were FIFTY-THREE PEOPLE in attendance. We managed to keep 3 HF stations in operation almost the entire time (yeah, about 4AM some of us petered out a bit). For our efforts, we completed 1079 QSOs: 414 CW, 665 SSB, by – get this – 25 operators! This of course, does not include the loggers and elmers who helped new hams grow some wings, and the folks who didn’t hit CTRL+O and enter their call when they sat down.
For those who came, and those who didn’t, we operated 3A, using a generator for power, and we hung 2 full-wave 160M horizontal loops (that’s over 525 feet of wire!) over 7 light towers, plus an 80M dipole between 2 towers. There was a 2M bewam and a 6M “squalo”. There were 2 Icom 746 Pros, and a Yaesu FT-920, plus an Icom IC-9100 (which served on 6M and 2M until we pressed it into service for HF). Four laptops provided logging and rig control.
We fed about 25 people hot dogs and hamburgers Saturday evening, and some truly fine folks brought DOUGHNUTS and COFFEE at exactly the right times! There were about 8 who made it through the entire event, from set up until tear down. From all of us from RATS, RARC, DDXG and CVCC who were “in charge”, we want to THANK YOU for your participation, the weekend was more than successful, and for those of you who couldn’t make it to Laurel Recreation Area this year, PLEASE COME ON OUT NEXT YEAR!!!”