Experimental Online Stream

The W4RAT analog repeaters can be streamed online 24 hours a day. The audio stream is sourced directly from the repeater controller, so you hear stations the way the repeater hears them.  This is an experimental capability which may be discontinued at any time.

To listen, select a link below.  Desktop OS users (Windows, Mac, Linux) with modern browsers may be able to use the Web Player link.  All others use the MP3 Stream link and a compatible player.  iOS users can play these files natively in Safari, but we recommend VLC.  Some Android phones will play these streams without any help; for others, VLC is a great choice.  In VLC, go to the Network Stream function and paste the Web Player URL from the address below.  VLC will save this for future access.

W4RAT 146.88 MHz Repeater:  Web Player | MP3 Stream
W4RAT 442.55 MHz Repeater:  Web Player | MP3 Stream

In addition to the two full-time feeds above, the following part-time feed may be available June 8 and 9, 2018:

Richmond Local TG – VA Special Olympics:  Web Player | MP3 Stream
Note:  Our server will kick back an Error 404 if the stream is offline.  The stream will not run around-the-clock and may experience performance or availability issues due to limited connectivity at Net Control.

Please send your feedback on these streams to Steve Crow KG4PEQ.

High-quality recordings are made 24/7 and kept on file indefinitely for use in interference investigations or for other purposes.  Recordings of radio traffic for events hosted on the RATS analog repeaters can be made available upon request.  Board and Technical Committee members may access 3-minute audio clips for the last 24 hours here.